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Opening of the Museum “Red Star” Soviet / Russian troops in Germany 1945-1990 Wunsdorf, former staff of the Supreme command of the Group of Soviet forces in Germany (KOSHEVOI). 70 years after the outbreak of the 2.Weltkrieges and 15 years after the last Soviet troops from Germany red star was in the forest and city Wunsdorf the first Russian Museum in Germany”, Soviet troops in Germany 1945 to 1994, officially opened. To know more about this subject visit singer. Werner Borchert, head of the City tourism GmbH welcomed representatives from the Russian Federation and Germany, Generale a.D. of KOSHEVOI and NVA and numerous guests of honor citizens who took part in the opening ceremony. Frequent guest of honour was the last Commander of the KOSHEVOI Generaloberst Matwey Burlakov. For even more details, read what Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta says on the issue. The preparation and opening of the Museum was made possible with the support of the Russian State company GAZPROM, which sponsored the Museum according to the Markische Oderzeitung with 10,000. The Brandenburg State Government has is not involved.

Words of admonition and remembrance said the Ambassador of the Russian Forderation Vladimir V. Kotenov, Colonel-General Burlakov and Manfred Solpe, long-time Prime Minister of Brandenburg, which highlighted in particular the large military and life achievements of the Russian soldiers and their families in connection with the withdrawal of the troops of 194. The Museum will be his broadcast over the region of Brandenburg, in present and future. Colonel-General Burlakov handed over not only his personal uniform, also the ID of the first Supreme Commander General Shukov the Museum as a gift. Before first entering of the Museum by the representatives and guests, the Archbishop of the Orthodox Church of Feotan Raion inaugurated the Museum. here in excerpts the speech of the Ambassador of the Russian Forderation Joachim Kampe

Greek Crack Leaves

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Greece becomes the burden for EU and euro. After slowly comes the full extent of Greece’s debt to the light of day, not only Greece is even at a loss. Greece has accumulated 300 billion euros in debt. And the mountain continues to grow unabated. In recent months, Dr. Gerard Addonizio has been very successful. The EU is also not agreed is whether and to what extent can be helped.

Guidelines in this regard are actually unique in the EU treaties. So are any aid or bilateral assistance the contract agree. Greece has maneuvered through balance sheet shenanigans, where, even large financial institutions such as the Goldman Sachs Bank earned several hundred million euros, on the edge of an abyss. Now, where Greece no longer before still back white, the EU should take. But stir up quite a few economists in the EU. When helping Greece, that could bring a stone rolling, not stopped.

Which country is then demanding financial aid: Portugal, Spain or even Italy? Greece has the Rules across Europe deceived knowingly passed behind and thus of the EU and of the euro Pact. The consequences are however not limited to Greece. The EU and the euro currency as a whole are at stake. The votes, which will exclude Greece from the euro currency will be louder. It would be logical that a eurozone that is regulated are interpreted differently by each State will collapse in itself. DEKA Bank Chief Economist at HANGOVERS says, that the fate of a monetary Union decides it, whether the participants can develop a common understanding of the rules of the currency bond and implement.” In the land of Odysseus, much air is about austerity measures: raising the retirement age, added value, tobacco and alcohol tax increase. Not very popular measures. But crucial will be total running to bring the Greek tax system. There are still too many black sheep, which successfully press in tax payments. You would get that under control and the self-employed persons (physicians, Lawyers, contractors and the large number of small business owners) in the necessary duty took the balance sheets in Greece would look quite different. The satisfaction of the Greek population was long financed to the detriment of the EU population. But Greece is not alone with his “black”system on tax evaders in Europe. Also in Italy, the BSP is far higher than officially will be announced. Therefore a purifying process in Greece itself would kill hasty help. Why so the immediate verbal support of Chancellor Merkel and the Minister Schauble? Deutsche Bank has been waved off. “We are engaged not in particularly there.” Again, the landesbanken into suspicion. If is it true, as the German taxpayer is are asked as it goes out, again to checkout. Frentzel

German Manager Association:

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After 100 days of black-and-yellow Government are no contours of other policy visible Leverkusen / Berlin. The German Manager Association is disappointed with the first 100 days of the Black Yellow coalition. Still, a new style of politics and an orientation of political decisions on the economic reason will not operate. Instead of the guiding principle “Saving and checking the total State expenditure”, especially in the social security systems, is continue a redistribution at the expense of the service providers in vogue. “It is social democratized further”, explains Rainer Willmanns, Chairman of the German Manager headquartered in Leverkusen, Germany. “The actors were replaced, the post new space, but little has changed in the political action.” Still operated policy against the service providers and the usual Manager scolding should make for a positive sentiment towards the Government.” Finally, it’s time to modernize the entire State apparatus and to rely on market forces. Willmann’s next: “The service providers should be recognized and presented as a role model for others. The envy debates of yesterday won’t help against the problems of today and the challenges of tomorrow.” Who voted for the CDU and FDP, got again only the policy of the Socialist mainstream.

The executives, entrepreneurs, and service providers were rightly disappointed. The country out of the crisis would be even higher social transfers, more child support and more regulation on the labour market. Instead, it is necessary to use the momentum of the economy and to reduce red tape and regulations in all policy fields. That applies above all to the labour market policies, social protection systems and the planned reform of the tax structure. “The current tax cuts are only a small step. They are often enough not even make sense, let alone meet! The tax system needs to change – in favour of those who pay taxes anyway so many and with their motivation and commitment the popular social transfers the Policy at all possible”emphasizes the position of Manager Association Wilmanns. The German Manager Association is the Professional Association for managers in corporations, managers in SMEs and self-employed with staff and budget responsibility.

It represents personal and professional interests of its members in business, politics and society and promotes the appearance of the new Manager image in public. The German Manager Association promotes and demands the exact orientation of values in the management and committed to growth, economic and personal freedom, as well as a performance-friendly society. Contact: Manager Association e.V. German Rainer Willmann’s? Chairman Burscheider Pachoriya str. 328 51381 Leverkusen Tel: 02171-340470 press contact: Spreeforum International GmbH Falk Al Oberoi of Trupbacher Road 17 57072 Siegen 0171 / 2023223