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New Year

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His motto of life, in this case could be "offline." You might have noticed that your life is much more filled with work and errands than with fun and games, and want to correct that imbalance. His life motto might be "Energize." Feel the Magic Base your theme on what is happy and you want to achieve, both personally and professionally. Its theme needs to strike an emotional chord with you and bring a smile to your face when you say. You should possess. You have to feel the magic of its subject.

You must push forwards. Now take a moment to reflect on the panorama vision for your life. What would you like to accomplish in the first place? What will bring joy and satisfaction with work, family and personal time? What is the essence of what you want to experience this next year? When you have an idea of what they want to create and you want to "be", take some time to meditate or concentrate on developing the theme of your life. The correct phrase for you can come to you immediately, or it may take some time to evolve. Brief is best when the sentence is revealed to you, try to keep to a maximum of five words.

Brief is best. Feel the power of these concise life themes: "Let me. Rebuild. Forward. Growth and independence. Balance and monitoring. Connection. Stretch. Calm and tranquility." You may have to live with the theme of your life for a week before you know it's going to talk with you for next year. You know when you've got it. Get Started Once your life theme is clear, write it down. Put it where you will see every day as a reminder of where you are heading in 2005. Tell your loved ones, friends and colleagues what your issue is life. The more often you say and share more real it becomes. Every time you make a decision, big and small put it through its filter life issue. If your theme is "connection" to say yes to build friendships, social invitations and parties in the neighborhood. If your theme is "adventure and fun" perhaps you say no that new pair of shoes and yes to a subscription to a climbing course. The surest way to ensure you live your life theme is to ask each morning to wake up "what I can do today to experience my life theme." The key to success is intentional with your thoughts and actions on a daily basis. By living intentionally and with purpose you'll never feel the need another New Year's resolution again.