The Children

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In another one she speaks, we find the abandonment of the children as cause of the solitude: ' ' she is to be alone and to my thus to abandon me children of not almost, do not visit me ' ' S. 11 the lack of the children makes with that the aged ones if feel alone, this can lead to the solitude for feeling the abandonment. The solitude and the abandonment constitute heavy packs for the aged ones, therefore the families tend, not rare, to exclude those had excessively as bothering. Also she has people that, for its experiences and experiences, they possess the feeling of abandonment throughout the life, not only in oldness (HREDIA; CORTELLETTI; 2005 MARRY). FINANCIAL DIFFICULTY That is proven from reply given for the interviewed ones: ' ' I pay rent, surplus almost I do not swim.

&#039 is a bit difficult; ' S. 10 Most of the income of the aged ones, in Brazil is deriving of the resources of the providence, that answers for the incomes of 60,3% for men and 79.3% for urban women. (FREITAS, 2006,). Although the values of pensions and retirements are, in general, reduced, these benefits have if showing important in the income of the aged one, to the universalizao of the Social security, it results in improvement of the life conditions (CAMARANO, 2003). NO DIFFICULTY In general, the aged ones evaluated positively its condition for liveing alone. We got the following affirmations: ' ' I do not have difficulty none. S.1 ' ' I do not have nenhuma' ' S. 4 ' ' I for the time being I do not find ' ' S. 5 ' ' I find pra me I am easy, thus to live alone I I do not find no.&#039 difficult; ' S. 6 Acreditamos that the health of the interviewed ones that they tell not to have difficulties, has narrow relation with the autonomy for the accomplishment of the main activities of the daily life, is these of physical, mental, social or economic domain.

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