Tumors and Cells

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The Ginkgo also contributes for apoptose of tumorais cells. Recent research demonstrates that the Ginkgo is capable to inhibit the cellular proliferation of the ancestry of the breast cancer (CHESTNUT; FUNKE; FRANCE, 2007). Its farmacolgicas properties are based on the neurocerebrais protective effect, therefore it improves the permeability of the cellular membrane that inhibited edema cerebral. With passing of the age, a reduction in the muscarinrgicos receivers at this moment occurs, if the Ginkgo will be ingested, will occur reduction of the receivers, improving the hill absorption for hipocampo, increasing the performance of memory and of the learning capacity, improving the properties of the sanguineous flow (BALLONE, 2008). An opened study was carried through, controlled to measure the effect of coenzima Q10 combined with the extract of Ginkgo biloba in voluntary individuals with clinical diagnosis of fibromialgia syndrome. The participants had received doses saw of coenzima Q10 and 200 verbal Ginkgo biloba mg per day during 84 days.

He had a gradual improvement in quality of life of patients who suffered with the symptoms of resultant corporal pains of the illness. In the end of the study one was observed significant difference folloied by an improvement of 64% of patients with fibromialgia 9% Alleging to feel worse. The adverse effect had been light (ARRANZ; CINNAMON; RAFECAS, 2010). It is used in the practical clinic for treatment of the riots of memory, cardiovascular Syndrome of Alzheimer, riots, cerebral isquemia, increase of the activity and sexual libido, psychiatric illnesses and depression, it has its proven action in the treatment of the cerebral insufficience characterized by symptoms such as: difficulties of concentration, confusion, indisposio, fatigue, reduction of the physical performance, giddiness and chronic headache. It is also used for the treatment of related illnesses of the sanguineous circulation with the age, as well as asthma and cancer (MILK; WHITE, 2010). 3,4 Collateral effect They are described collateral effect as gastrointestinal riots, diarria, flatulence and circulatrio upheaval increasing the fall of the arterial pressure and bleeds, beyond chronic headache.

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