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Currently young people are constantly influenced aspects that they become eye-catching and want to always follow what calls attention, always struck by them experience feelings and situations, but in some cases this can bring many consequences to society, young people today are looking for means of extreme distraction, seeking always to live emotions, pass adventure between friends doing some crazy that goes against the rules and correct rules of society, but sometimes do not measure their actions; action that can result change in behaviors and sensations, forming a new lifestyle. One of the fields that are called more attention to young people are sports that require challenges, which require strength, and who experience extreme sensations and total adrenaline, some of them are the skater, the biker and the football. These sports to time measurement have been introducing the population young man of the world, thus inciting young people to practice them, but is perhaps this good or bad for the current youth development?, unfortunately the majority of young people who practise these sports, found in these a high attraction, which leads them to adapt it as an addiction, and that after knowing it don’t want it leaving, this leads them to a series of social problems, in particular, family problems, since young people constantly practicing these sports, and arrive to abandon a series of responsibilities vital to the development of them as individuals to society, such as the study, work, home, etc. But not everything is bad for them, also practice these sports can lead to acquire many positives for young people as they are always challenges and tackle them until you achieve them, without leaving an error or a fall to finish with proposed dreams. In the majority of cases young people seek refugiasen in these sports because they possess a kind of vacuum inside them, and the first thing you want to do is something that makes them feel better, is how many young people around the world are lost in drug addiction, alcoholism, and reach up to commit suicide; this case is similar but not so radical, according to the results of a series of interviews that I did to a young audience who practise these sports, I couldn’t find the reason in the majority of young people’s problems more common are produced by the family, in terms of support and care. .

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