Cancer Treatment

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Today Israel has become a world leader in cancer treatment. Medical centers in the country are equipped with modern specialized equipment for the treatment of cancer. To further the advancement of knowledge and awareness effectiveness in the treatment of cancer, Israeli medical institutions are constantly clinical research programs in radiation, chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, immunotherapy, but also the whole spectrum of human malignant cancer. As a result, Israel has been and continues to be a leader in this field. Many cancer treatments are developed in Israel have been adopted and implemented by other international organizations Health. Israel's impressive achievements in oncology attract thousands of cancer patients around the world who come to the country to get treatment for cancer. New advances in the fight against cancer Israeli scientists. One of them is a new method of diagnosing cancer using electro-optical technologies to detect low concentrations of cancer cells.

Another new treatment method that uses the resources own immune system in response to the cancer as if it were a virus. New cancer detection technology is the result of the research team that developed the unique optoelectronic technology to detect cancer cells. The technology detects the presence of telomerase, an enzyme active in cancer cells, which is considered a general marker for different types of cancer. became the basis for creating joint venture involving the University of Yissum and Australian companies. Diagnostic kit for detecting cancer cells in urine samples is currently under development and diagnostics for cancer of the rectum and leukemia in stool and blood.

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