Global Warming

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Students should be able to use this phenomenon in explanations of things observed or known. For example, it suggests that the Earth is heating up over the years when it calls "global warming." Scientists predict that sea level rise due to this. It is expected that students can realize that not only the melting of continental ice, but the expansion of ocean water will contribute to increased sea level. For objective 2 (This happens in solids, liquids and gases) applies section 3 of the previous target. A thorough understanding of two of the three states can promote the prediction that the phenomenon could occur in the third state. STEP 3: What should happen during the class? How to put together the class? It is clear so far that the main objective is that students understand a variety of phenomena with depth enough to explain and predict the results of related phenomena. One possibility is begin with an exploration of some of these phenomena that are particularly striking or intriguing.

We propose the following sequence of activities: 1. Students in class observed a number of intriguing situations involving thermal expansion of materials. Examples: a bottle with a balloon over the mouth is submerged in a bath of hot water, a ball can not pass through a metal ring, but after heating the ring the ball falls through the ring, a tightly coiled wire around a wooden cylinder is heated and begins to "open." 2. From these observations the students in groups and in class as a whole, and guided by the teacher, built the basic ideas of expansion of the bodies. In other words, the teacher will ask students to explain with words what you are looking to propose an explanation for what they see and lead them to arrive at ideas that can be tested (for example, that materials expand or "Enlarged" when heated). 3. Students seek to test the ideas agreed by measuring the expansion and contraction in new situations. 4.

Students must explain and predict new situations. In particular, will have a practical exercise (which will predict the behavior of the volume of water in a container very fine) and a theoretical (which discussed the change in sea level due to global warming.) LATIN AMERICAN SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SCIENCE. FLACSO. DIPLOMA IN TEACHING OF SCIENCE. 2007. Jorge Villarreal.

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