Gymnastics Brain

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What is it? It is a way of stimulating the activity of the cerebral hemispheres through the intimate relationship between body and brain. Why does it work? Why it is impossible to lift an arm or a leg without activating the corresponding hemisphere. I.e., to lift the right hand should be a left hemisphere order and vice versa. Of course it is not just a matter of lifting hands that should be in the sequence appropriate to activate both hemispheres simultaneously. And certainly, not everything is a matter of doing gymnastic exercises, we should also do exercises that activate parts of the brain that otherwise do not stimulate. Can you explain it me a little clearer, please? If. The best way is making an analogy with the development of the body.

You have muscles and bones and if it stimulates them are strengthened, if not, there will be, and will be useful, but not so much that could be. Likewise, your brain there is and you use it constantly. What speak with all this brain gym is stimulate it to make the most of it. Excuse me insistence, but I want to understand it well. We all know that a muscle can be strengthened because they are the muscle fibers and when they exercise the myofibrils break and regenerate more forts, etc. But, and the neurons also work as well? Lol When we speak of strengthening specific areas of the brain, are talking about create more connections neural (or between nerve cells) and other cells of the nervous system.

For example, try this exercise: with your right hand, make circles to the right while making circles to the left with his right leg. Could you do it? In my experience, one of every 20 people can do it without training. What happens is that the brain sends the order of right, but there are no roads where travel, i.

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