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The passive gymnastics is gaining ground in recent years, mainly because that the rhythm of life that we not allow us too much free time to go to the gym often as we would like. In the last years have arisen numerous fitness equipment that enable our body to perform recommended daily exercise without that we barely notice the effort and fatigue. arles Brandes for more clarity on the issue. Vibratory platforms were are undoubtedly the main reference in the field of passive gymnastics. Just ten minutes on vibratory platforms produce the same effect as between half an hour and an hour of intense exercise. But vibratory platforms are not only passive gymnastics devices used in most modern gyms.

The latest trend in passive gymnastics is the inversion table, a still little known device for those who do not go to the gym regularly. The inversion table lets go turning the human body from its normal vertical position to a totally contrary position, vertical head down. More recent studies have shown that the inversion table is indicated especially to correct back problems, such as Herniated discs and slight deviations of the spinal column. Your continued use of the inversion table also allows you to improve blood circulation to the area of the brain, helping to reduce fatigue and stress and fluid retention problems. Oddly passive gymnastics does not imply really no effort is not as well, so that the human body is put in the form it is necessary that your muscles work, although we do not perceive that effort. Therefore, it is not more to always have a heart rate monitor that controls at all times our heart rate, allowing us to stop in time if necessary.

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