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Modernity, the Man and the Anguish Emerson Martins Garci’a Words key: anguish, existencialismo, history, man, individual, century XX. Summary: This article, in the search to identify the reasons of the anguish feeling, sucintamente covers the line of history from the end of the Average Age, looking for to point out the Man in the registered contexts and the possible difficulties found for it to dedicate the proper knowledge to it of itself. From Sren Aabye Kierkegaard (1813? 1855) and of the existencialismo, are in century XX that the Man if identifies individual, and, therefore, soon if to come across with its freedom and consequentemente with the anguish. I? Introduction This work searchs to show the reason of the sprouting of the feeling of anguish in the Man, as defined and perceived in century XX, in a existencialista boarding. The adopted method consisted of contextualizar the Man in history and diverse cultural shocks for it suffered, taking it gradual if to discover as individual, therefore, one ' ' to be aberto' ' , placed ahead of the freedom of the choice imprisons that it, as we will see in Giles. Being overcome it line of history, leaving of the end of the Average Age until the century XX and the beginning of this, inexorable is, quantitatively and qualitatively, the number of occured transformations in the humanity, for it, and for it. Between the consequences and inheritances of these deep mutations, unstable and always not lasting, the Man did not find space to be able to identify and to live its feelings and emotions, being to the edge of its individuality. The anguish, this close feeling of oppression, continuous intranqilidade, tension front to the world, vertigo ahead of the blackness of the choice and that, at the same time it grows to if coming across with more freedom, only finds space to disclose themselves and to be identified as such in century XX, after authors and philosophers, mainly Kierkegaard, to desnudarem the existencial question of the Man.

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