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From Algae

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Correction figures from STYX Naturcosmetic: anti, metabolic WRAP COLD algae and Dead Sea salt (Lotion “From Algae – medium” + “Cold salt”). A) Correction of the shape of STYX Naturcosmetic: Reduces the effect of weight and burn fat. Additional information is available at Cindy Crawford. Ideal for 1-2 stages of cellulite. Provides anti, lymphatic drainage, venotonicheskoe action. Strengthens walls of blood vessels.

Anti-inflammatory effect. Improves blood circulation. Stimulates the process of cleansing, normalizing the increasing activity of kidneys and gastro-intestinal tract. Increases body flexibility. Eliminates acne and gray, earthy complexion. B) Correction figures from STYX Naturcosmetic – basic set of drugs for the wraps: – scrub salt “purification of the body” and the reference or massage oil from an assortment of STYX Naturcosmetic; – on the testimony of the customer the choice of therapeutic substrates Gel against the capillary mesh, gel veins, cooling and warming gel, cooling gel, cream, “On the algae – the fort” Gel-lifting-Normal or gel lifting forte gel “with cinnamon.” – Lotion “From Algae – medium” – “Cold salt” – on the testimony of the customer the choice of aromatic oils of the substrate, “Rosa”, “Lodge Grass”, “Lemon” – at the end of the procedure inflict on the choice of readings client: the cream “of algae – the fort,” Posleprotsedurny cream with extract of caviar.

4. Correction figures from STYX Naturcosmetic: WRAP WITH FLOWERS Bitter Orange (Lotion “with the flowers of bitter orange”) – a technique fat loss, optimizing blood flow and the formation of the muscular system. A) Correction of the shape of STYX Naturcosmetic: Has action lipolytic action, muscular form, eliminates the sagging skin and hypodermis.

Cleopatra and Eternal Youth

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The main means of eternal youth called Cleopatra facials. Their queen of Egypt did every day. Preference she gave a clay mask that you can easily make yourself. To do this, in equal parts Mix honey, lemon juice and clay until smooth, apply the mixture on your face for twenty minutes, then rinse with warm, then cold water. Fine clay mask cleans and whitens the skin. Honey-Milk Mask face of Cleopatra gave glowing look. For its preparation it connected in equal doses, the warm milk and honey, and then cause a lot of skin on the half hour.

Modern beauticians like a mask called a magic bullet tool. It is suitable for all skin types. Twice a month, Cleopatra held a special procedure called "internal washing." The queen was mixed in equal proportions, lemon juice, water and olive oil and drank on an empty stomach in small sips. After that, about twenty times repeated special exercise: sucked belly toward the spine, detained him in that state for a few seconds, then relax. "Internal washing "Cleopatra true now, as she spends a great cleansing of the intestine and liver. The queen regularly hosted special milk bath. For the preparation of the famous baths cup of honey dissolved in a liter of hot milk and poured the mixture into the bath water temperature which fluctuated around 36 degrees. On a similar procedure Cleopatra allocated no more than 15 minutes.

Then the queen necessarily cause a special scrub. To make it three hundred grams of sea salt to mix a half cup of heavy cream. Scrub perfectly cleanses the skin and improves its structure. Cleopatra to prepare a special cream, which she used daily. To prepare famous cream at home, mix 40 ml of aloe juice, 40 ml of distilled water, 20 ml infusion of rose petals and a teaspoon of honey, put the mixture in a water bath and add 100 grams of melted lard. Cream must be stored in tightly sealed jars in the refrigerator. Queen apply it thinly once a day. The cream gave her skin a healthy color and elasticity, nourishes and regenerates the fine structure of cells.

Jojoba Extract

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Let's talk about makeup, which includes an extract of jojoba. Learning of this ingredient, you'll be with more credible refer to products, which included a component that amazing. These include anti-aging elite cosmetics DeSheli. It suits each and everyone who wants to safely and in a short time to regain its face 10 years ago, or simply to prevent aging of the skin at an early stage. Jojoba extract is the best lipid material of modern cosmetics. This is due to the fact that out of it does not produce oil, like other plants of similar type, namely, vegetable wax. The uniqueness of jojoba is that it is very similar in structure to the wax, which is 25-30% of our sebum and has no problem penetrating the deepest layers of the skin, is able to blend in with the collagen.

And this property is necessary for anti-aging cosmetics. At the same time, this plant produces ensure that the pores are not clogged. Jojoba extract can simultaneously give full uvlazhennuyu skin, thanks to the exceptional spreadability, as well as give the skin a healthy look resilient, holding moisture loss. The versatility of the substance does not find a match among other natural ingredients. Restorative action: cell regeneration due to the presence in the composition of jojoba protein resembling collagen smyagchenie compacted areas of the skin, reduction of colloidal scars, stretch marks removal.

The protective effect: formation on the surface of the skin gazopronikayuschego protective layer, resistance to oxidation, hydrolysis and temperature changes, getting rid of cracks and wrinkles. The stimulatory effect: deep penetration into the epidermis, slowing the oxidation of skin lipids, preventing premature aging and reduce the risk of cancer-related skin changes, controlling the water balance of the skin, improve skin turgor. Anti-inflammatory effect: the ability to control redness and inflammation with dermatitis, getting rid of acne. An important is that jojoba is universal in application. This component is ideal for all skin types. With normalizing property is useful for both dry and oily skin. Therefore, it is used in such media companies DeSheli, as the night fitokrem of cosmetic collection for women aged 35 years, a series of Crystal youth anti age. Along with such active ingredients like vitamin E, beeswax, ginseng extract, shea butter at night cream, jojoba extract restores skin, accelerates the regeneration of healthy cells, weakening the basis of age, gives the skin elasticity and shine in life. Apart from the fact that an extract of jojoba by itself is a unique irreplaceable component, it also can be an excellent alternative to such popular but harmful components, such as preservatives and stabilizers. In cosmetics, the same DeSheli used 25% jojoba oil in the composition, while other manufacturers are limited to only 2-5%. This is due to the fact that this substance is very expensive in view of its efficiency and wide range of problems to be solved. Nature has made women really priceless gift, which for several thousand years helps regain their health, youth and beauty. To date, cosmetics DeSheli is the most productive use of the embodiment of jojoba. Source: