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The Eggplant Lasagna is an excellent recipe to cook a dish now known as is the lasagna but with one difference: instead of dough layers will form with grilled eggplant. It is a good idea to stop preparing something tasty taking advantage of numerous ingredients that may have left other preparations or to imagine and create a dish with ingredients that one will find appetizing. On the other hand, it is a dish that can very easily become a vegetarian; It simply a matter of not using meat, ham or cheese, which can be replaced by various vegetables. Ingredients (4 servings) eggplants 2 units meat chopped 300 g onions 1 unit chard or spinach 200 g cooked ham 4 slices (80 g approximately) cheese semi hard 200 g tomato sauce 125 cm3 (half a cup) sauce bechamel (white sauce) 125 cm3 olive oil salt pepper preparation for roasting the aubergines will need to cut them into slices of medium thickness cm or less and bring it to a griddle or Grill greased with olive oil. Broil them for about three or five minutes on each side approximately. While the eggplants are roasting, saute the minced meat in a pot with a few drops of oil. For this you can use low quality meat which is cooked to get out. If minced meat is cooked, you don’t need Saute it.

Also will have to saute the onion, cut brunoise (small cubes) and, on the other hand, chard or spinach. anies-inc-chipman/’>relocation strategies. It is very common to get chard or spinach on muffins, frozen. In that case simply will have to thaw it and won’t need Saute it. For sauces, see the recipe for tomato sauce (although purchased tomato puree may be used) and the recipe for bechamel sauce (can be replaced with cream). Once they are ready ingredients, assemble the lasagna. To do this, take a font suitable for oven walls, so that you can get the lasagna within her and enmantecarla. Form a base of Eggplant.

On this basis have meat, one-third of each sauce and half the cheese cut into cubes. Then place another layer of Eggplant and above Chard and onion. By placing over another third of sauces and then the slices of ham. Finish with one last layer of Eggplant, the remainder of sauces and the remainder of the cheese. Since all the ingredients are already cooked, it only remains to carry preparing oven to make temperature and to make bechamel and cheese on the top layer to cook au gratin. (As opposed to Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta). It is recommended first to oven too low for 15 minutes so that the temperature be matched in all the preparation and then upload it to maximum so that you have finished au gratin.

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