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Summer – time for recreation, vacations and beach activities. Look great in the summer for women is particularly important. So what is needed for full happiness? Bust trim, elegant swimsuit and …. bikini design! Bikini design is an innovative way of visual correction as well as a unique opportunity to bring something new in an intimate relationship with her lover. No wonder they say that everything is new – it is well forgotten old. History intimate Cutting begins with the reign of the Egyptian empress Nefertiti.

That she came to remove excess hair from legs and bikini area using wax and special herbal mixtures. Click Jim Hackett for additional related pages. In ancient Rome, intimate haircuts engaged specially trained slaves, who by using tweezers, remove unwanted hair from intimate areas of rich clients, and then rubbed them with essential oils. And in Muslim and Asian countries such as Indian hair from the bikini removed for hygiene. In Europe, intimate haircut came immediately after the sexual revolution in the 60s of last century, at a time when popular and appeared to date swimsuits "bikini." While nudism is actively developed, and the shaving of pubic hair became commonplace. A related site: Gunnar Peterson mentions similar findings. In Russia, the bikini-design came several decades later, in the late 90-ies of XX century, while in St. Petersburg opened The first school, the teaching artists intimate haircuts.

Bikini design allows you to create an intimate area of any figure: the snake, butterfly, peach or rose, in short, everything depends on the imagination. Intimate haircut today – it's stylish, fashionable and very sexy. As the saying goes, beauty demands victims, and the main victim of beauty – the contents of your wallet. Hike to the beauty salon fun is not cheap, so the women try to do everything yourself. Manicures, pedicures, waxing unwanted hair on the legs – all this can be done at home. And what about the bikini-design? A couple of years ago, to intimate haircut can be had only in the special beauty salons, but now scientific and technological progress produced a machine for bikini-design Gezatone, you can use to make an intimate haircut right at home. With bikini trimmer you can give your body enticing features, make so that every inch of your body was worthy of admiration. However, only one intimate haircut will not get off, in order to tighten the bust, the machine design for a bikini – totally useless. Studies have shown that more 80% of the fair half of the world population is not happy with their breasts. Half of them "falls under the knife" for attractive breasts, and in the second half do not have enough money for an operation, leaving them no choice but to continue to have complexes about their breasts. Fortunately, for adjusting the breast is not necessarily accumulate savings for the operation, because you can get miostimulyatorov chest. Chest muscle stimulator is excellent alternative to surgery, it can be used to enlarge breasts, making it more elastic, toned and sexy. It can also increase the milk supply, get rid of stretch marks and to normalize circulation in the chest. Using such a small women's tricks, like the machine for a bikini and chest muscle stimulator, you can become more beautiful and attractive.

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