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Industry Food

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He will do it gradually, slowly and repeatedly – this is a normal attitude to eating cat. Instead, the long-term fasting (for example, for four days) adversely affect the work of his liver. Dogs and wolves hunt in packs, therefore, it goes to production every two to three days. Recent nutritional studies of firms indicate that the dog should be fed twice a day. By the way: the fact that stray dogs picked up leftovers, not is hunting. Therefore, their food this way is not a 'natural'. Types of nursing From the viewpoint of the host, feeding animals can be divided into two types: home cooking (especially cooked or leftovers from the fact that people consume), and special food. Each period of development of the animal (from children to older age), typical of certain nuances of power.

And it is an object of scientific interest. In particular, Nutrition of dogs and cats is strong enough discipline – with a deep and exhaustive research. Revealed many features of digestion, metabolism, digestion, The dependence functioning of the body from a lack of certain trace elements, vitamins or amino acids. The choice of type of feeding is the right owner. However, to form a diet very seriously. Available literature, which would help to make it, say, two weeks, almost none. Because proponents of feeding homemade food ration form your pet, depending on his appetite and culinary tastes. Of course, there is a specific, Industry specific, designed for veterinary specialist literature.

But an ordinary cat or dog owner is difficult to find the right directory of nutrition, which would take into account also the breed animal. Therefore, this has the advantage of prepared feeds. Serious research centers that specialize in dietetics at firms producing fodder, very clearly studied the effect of feeding on growth, the functioning of organism. They have developed a type of food for certain age groups (kittens and adult cats, pregnant, castrated, 'working' (daily through an active lifestyle spend a lot of energy), medical poop in diseases of the heart, liver, urinary tract, allergies, etc.). Stern high quality – premium and super-class – good because their production technology is so developed that allow not use of preservatives that are harmful to the body of substances to ensure that the duration of storage of dry food.