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Powder Coating: The Quality Of The Highest Order

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Powder coating – a modern technology to quickly and effectively inflict lasting coatings on various metal products, as well as other materials. Powder coating applied early in the second half of the xx century, and xxi, this technology came as a major, displacing liquid coating materials from nearly all industries. The key to success was the unique combination of the main positive qualities required of coloring materials. Powder coating has been the most economical method, has demonstrated exceptional friendliness to the environment and has achieved impressive results in strength and durability of coatings. How does powder coating achieves such results? Let's start with the economy. Conventional coating materials costs beyond the norm for two reasons: firstly, to make coverage firm should, on average, three coats of paint, and secondly, when working a large proportion of the materials simply lost – the waste reaches 20% or more. Powder coating uses a dry crumbly substance that is applied way of deposition.

Features of both the substance and the process eliminates the need for a coat of paint. A percentage of waste does not exceed 3-4%. This is due to the fact that the powder coating is carried out in sealed chambers equipped with recuperators. Last collect the particles remaining in the air and not fixed on the surface, and returns them to work. In addition, power consumption, which is essential equipment for powder coating, too low and allows you to significantly save money. Environmentally friendly – a trait powder painting purchased by the fact that for the preparation of paints do not need solvent. It was he "Guilty" of harmful fumes into the air. In addition, powder coating in a closed chamber prevents substances into the environment. As for durability, then powder coating is used to applying anti-vandal coatings, and is used for treatment of surfaces that are exposed to aggressive environment.